About us

Name Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.
Address 128 Sayama-Shinkaichi Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun Kyoto 613-0034, Japan
Phone +81-774-46-3717
Fax +81-774-46-3768
Email contact@kyototool.co.jp

Nepros tools are products of Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd

Our master brand, KTC, stands for Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. and we are locating in Kyoto, Japan where we used to have a capital of Japan.

We started the production of our hand tools in year 1950 and have been supplying to the various fields including the automobile industries as their official maintenance tools.

After being listed at Osaka Stock Exchange Inc. in 1980, we started supplying mirror tools in 1984 and our top tier brand, nepros, was born in year 1995 with our assurance of quality and durability, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. This nepros is created by generations of master craftsmen drawing upon generations of traditional skills and techniques with its special design, materials and production processes.

Once you touch the, nepros, brand of tools, we believe you can feel the world’s finest tactile hand tools which are created by using decades of traditional techniques passed down by master craftsmen.

Now, we really hope you will touch our craftsmen techniques to feel its beauty, smoothness, well-balanced toughness, and you will be, nepros.




Our advances in high-precision processing technology have made it possible for us to produce much more compact designs in our tools. We have improved the traditional "Power" fit concept to "N-Power" ­ achieving the ideal design for our tools through large contact surfaces, which reduce the concentration of stress. "N-Power" is not just better for nuts and bolts, but makes our wrenches have longer useful lifespans as well. Nepros tools are also designed to minimize the gap and play when engaged, making them easier to use. To top it all off, Nepros tools are designed to do specific tasks. They fit comfortably in your hand and minimize awkward handling, no matter what you're working on. Each one of our tools is a perfectly balanced instrument ­ free of superfluous features, beautifully crafted, and supremely functional.

Design Manufacturing 


Nepros tools are the finely crafted product of years of research and development. KTC has developed a broad spectrum of innovations in the manufacturing of professional-quality tools, including our latest advance in metal, 5GQ Steel We apply advanced heat treatments to the metal, creating a finer grain and improving strength and durability, and we've developed new surface treatment technology to further advance Nepros tools' strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. These advances have resulted in tools that are tough and durable ­ just what you need to keep your shop running.


5GQ Steel

KTC has spent years working in cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers of special steel to develop a new material that boasts a finely-tuned balance of strength and durability. The result is 5GQ. Combined technology using hard chrome plating, 5GQ Steel has launched Nepros tools onto the cutting edge of professional innovation. We're setting the standard for quality to ensure that you get the reliability you need from your tools.