nepros was introduced by Youtuber!!

nepros was introduced by Youtuber!!

We started a blog !

We hope to let many people know about nepros through this blog. 

The first content is...   nepros was introduced by Youtuber!!


Youtube channel : Cruisin' Around 

This channel introduces a various of Japanese manufacturing (Monozukuri).


This video introduces the appeal of KTC and nepros!

We hope you like this video ! 

Thank you.


≪nepros tools introduced in the video≫

・NTD306 (Wooden grip screwdriver set)
・NTM1204 (S-Shaped box end wrench set)
・NWM-250 (Adjustable wrench)
・NBR390 (3/8"sq. Ratchet handle)
Ratchet pipe cutter and Socket bit that are not listed in, though they were introduced in this video.